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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best 2 francs I spent

June 28:  Today we woke up and went to shower.  The water was freezing.  After 20 minutes and some help from a local, I realized that you have to pay a franc for 4 minutes of hot water. Apparently they enjoy quick showers here.  Not me.  Even 8 minutes was quick, but it was definitely the best investment I made all day.  This blog is going to be short.  I am typing on a European keyboard and the letters are all mixed up.  Anyways... we spent the entire day on vespa, exploring the Berner Oberland.  The sights were breathtaking and the pictures that we took were amazing.  It was definitely the way to travel the area.  We saw everything... and then some more.  We went to the top of mountains, the valley of the waterfalls, and swam in the clear blue lakes.  We traveled in 90 degree weather in the valley to freezing cold temps in the top of the mountains (that were lined with snow caps).  Our amazing neighbors even threw our packs and all of our stuff in our tent when the storms came through (we were still out exploring).  Then we came back to the campground and slept under the stars and watched the storms blow through the area this morning.  I <3 Switzerland.

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