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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day1- Amsterdam

We arrived successfully and I was happy and relieved that Holly actually remembered to bring her passport ( I think we were all a little worried so thanks to her friends and family who along with me gave her umpteen reminders). We took the train to Amsterdam central and I was amazed how much I remembered about how to navigate the streets from my last trip here. We decided to camp until those black clouds rolled in about an hr after our arrival and the bad storms started. Instead, we did a quick tour of several hostels in the area and finally ended up paying way too much just so we could shower and regroup. After a quick nap ( uh. 5 hrs is quick right?) we were feeling refreshed and ready to take on the city. For those of you that doubt my navigational abilities I must say I was impressive on our walking tour here. I dragged Holly all over the subsections of Amsterdam, parks, etc. And even found our way back several hours later. We ended the evening with a delicious dinner at wok to walk (stirfry) and a pub crawl through the neighborhood that is known for housing the worlds oldest profession. We made it to the first three of the six pubs before we got distracted talking to locals and lost our group. After roaming around with several other that got left behind we settled on a fun bar with good music and fun travelers. After being invited to a wedding in new Zealand, dancing, and meeting tons of new friends we braved the storm and walked home. Fast forward to our start of day 2- woken at 11 am local time (5am EST) and given 10 mins to leave hotel or we would have to pay a ridiculous amount for a late checkout. Holly has her stuff throwwn in the hall and we are " packing" here. Talk about a rude awakening. With all the storms today we are likely going to take the trains to Berlin. Guten tag!

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