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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where's Waldo (and Holly and Lindsay)?

After exiting the last hostel in a fury I forgot to mention that Holly had a slight incident yesterday. Let's just say it involved a hair dryer, electrical outlet, and phone call from the local fire department. Anyways we left Amsterdam and once we arrived at the train station ended up rolling the dice and heading to Basel Switzerland. In the end we decided too many countries in a brief stay would end up being a lot of running around but not enough time to get a taste of the local culture. We successfully navigated the train system and after two quick transfers we arrived at our destination just after midnight. We quickly found a backpackers hostel and got the top bunks in a dorm room, waking the whole room in the process. We showered (finally) and are heading to bed so we can explore Holly's local ancestors in the morning ( or afternoon, whenever we wake up).

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