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Monday, April 23, 2012

Grazie! (part II)

4/22/12 Today was rainy.  It even hailed at one point. That didnt stop us from our travels. We started the morning with a light meal, which included a small pastry topped with cheese and olives for me and a ham and cheese wrap for the guys.  Another challenging realization for them was the delicacy of breakfast.  There are no eggs, biscuits, or sausage piled on a huge plate like in america.   No starbucks either.  You choose from a shot of caffe or a cappacino to start your morning.  The cups are so small it looks like everyone is partaking in a mini tea party at breakfast.   After our light meal we headed off to Venice again.  We sat under an umbrella and enjoyed another caffe while we watched the rain.  When it let up we took a gondola ride around the canals.  That afternoon we took the bus to Padua.  We walked around the small streets, ate homemade pizza, splurged on gelato and tiramisu, and even walked alongside a race.  We came across the St. Anthony's cathedral and botanical gardens, stopping to take pics of the massive and beautiful ornate decor.   We retuned to the campground that night.  We sat at the tables outside and got dinner and drinks from the camp store. Total cost for 3= less than €20!  We spent the night laughing, talking, telling stories, and meeting others who were traveling through Italy.  We have even picked up on a little Italian....grazie!...prego! ( thank you; you're welcome ).  It's a start.

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