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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I finally got a few pics uploaded on here! Quite proud  considering my lack of technological abilities.  Camp jolly ended up  being  pretty jolly after all. Our campsite stayed dry and even though we were the only crazies on the whole campsite in a tent we managed to stay fairly warm ( everyone else rented a cabin).  We had  breakfast on the patio of the camp store and decided to head to Bologna ( which consistently causes Dan to break out into he Oscar Meyer song at the mention of the city). We took a shuttle bus to a " people mover" to a train. After our caffe we were off to Bologna. We took the train through the countryside which was dotted with small towns along the way.  The Ducati museum didn't have room on their tour today so we booked for tomorrow morning. We found a cute little hotel that was modestly priced at €85 including breakfast for all three. We spent the evening touring the local area. We found beautiful fields with mountains and a castle as a backdrop. We went to the local market and got fresh food for dinner and wine that the locals recommended (which was really champagne). We slept with the windows open, enjoying the fresh air.  We read a bit and then got a good nights sleep.

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