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Friday, April 20, 2012

leavin... on a jet plane

I woke up early this morning to pack.  I decided today would be a good day for that, you know, since we were leaving for Europe this afternoon and I was working a half day.  Before i went to work i took a long hot shower.  I smiled to myself and savored every second as I took a second before we left for the airport.  Long hot showers are a commodity in europe.  Especially at a campground.  I blow dried and curled my hair for the last time in over in week.  I decided Im " roughing it " this time.   We made a few stops on the way to the airport for last minute necessities, like Starbucks.  We parked at the airport 1 hour and 20 mins before the flight.  Not a problem for a domestic flight with no baggage to check.  I didn't really see it as a huge problem for an international flight with checked bags either but apparently the airport staff felt differently.  Our bags barely made it on the flight, as did we.   We are on the plane headed for the adventure of a lifetime.  Equipped with our three pound home for the week, a few sleeping bags, and a world of possibilities I'm off to Italy with two of my favorite guys in the world. 

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