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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A romantic sunset cruise

Other than the luau, the one excursion that we booked was a romantic sunset cruise to the Na Pali coast.  This is where Jurassic Park was filmed.  Most of the area is accessible only by boat.  We called ahead to ask about the attire and the boat company just said to bring a light jacket. What they left out was to wear a swim suit.

We spent the morning poolside, went to our room for a quick lunch , and got dressed for our 2:30 cruise. We boarded the catamaran headed for gorgeous sites, great weather, good wine, and a romantic sunset.
The captain recommended the seating in the front of the vessel for the best views.  So of course we secured front row seats.  Turns out the combination of the high winds and 3-4.5 foot ocean swells (which if you asked me I would swear they were 7-10 foot swells) left us completely drenched and unable to even make it that far into the Na Pali coast.  The condition of the waters had grown men green and hanging off the side of the boat.  Whenever a newbie came up from below the cabin, they took one look at the salty, soaked, and crazed people on the top deck, usually took a huge wave to the face, and retreated below again.

When dinner was served, you basically had to catch you food as it tornadoed around the area.  On the trip we spotted several dolphins.
Others saw a sea turtle and sharks.  At that point we were just doing our best to stay aboard the boat without being swept into the ocean by one of the waves, so we didn't make it to the side of the boat where these creatures were spotted in time.  But we got our sunset.  And we got to talk with the locals who were part of the crew; hearing stories of their adventures, life on the island, and getting recommendations for where to spend our last days in Kauai.

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