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Monday, June 23, 2014

sea turtle adventures

It rains on Kauai more than the other Hawaiian islands, making it more green and lush in comparison (remnicient of Ireland, or even Seattle).  Both mornings, evenings and sometime in the middle of the day it has rained briefly, usually just a quick shower that doesn't interrupt the daily activities in the least.  

Today we relaxed by the pool.  We secured a spot under a  tiki umbrella, as the sun mid-day is quite brutal.  Glad that we brought tons of sunscreen and lavender essential oil to put on burns at the end of the day.  We also took a mid-day hike on the Mahaulepu Coastal Trail.  
It starts on Shipwreck beach and winds through a mountain, leaving you with breathtaking views of the ocean and beach below the  cliffs.Our view from above allowed us to see tons of huge sea turtles; the highlight of the adventure!  Drew got some pics with his nice camera, but I was able to capture a little turtle peeking out of the ocean with my iphone.  

Tonight we ate at Duke's Canoe Club.  We found them on a Kauai Underground site;  listed as the best salad bar on the beach and a place where locals hangout.  
Can't argue with the critics.  It was oceanfront dining, great services, and perfect for a light meal  Before heading home we stopping at a local market to pick up a couple things for the room. $6 each for a big container of yogurt and string cheese and we were on our way.  So far the prices haven't been what I expected.  We were able to get away with spending about $250 between the both of us between Friday (our travel day), Saturday, and Sunday.  Random stuff like the cheese is super expensive though.  We keep breakfast foods and snacks in our room and take it to the beach, which cuts down on both cost and calories.  And...bed by 7:30 because we are still adjusting to the time change and need energy for the luau tomorrow night!!!

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