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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Case of the Mondays-Hawaii edition

Even this monk seal had trouble getting up and moving Monday morning.
She apparently arrived on the beach around 10pm Sunday night and sunbathed all morning on our beach just outside the hotel.  When a seal arrives on the beach, a hotline is called and a volunteer is sent to the area to rope it off and answer questions on site about the seal.  We were told that monk seals are loners and do not travel in packs.  The volunteer guessed that she was pregnant and would likely have a pup within the week.  The seals tend to travel to the secluded beaches to have their pups, where they care for the pup for approximately six weeks, during which time they don\t eat at all. At the six week mark they leave the pup to find food and never return.

I spent the morning in yoga class (which I will likely be paying for the rest of the week).  It was higher level yoga than earlier in the week.  Drew got to try Crossfit Poipu.  By noon we made our way to the local farmer\s market.  You have to wait at the end of the road until it opens.  A farmer and his dog open the market with a brief welcome speech in the native language.  Then he allows the elderly (which he defined as over 90), sickly, hurt, etc. to walk into the market first.  The rest of us had to walk in behind him.  When he blew the whistle, the market opened and it was total madness!!!
Ten minutes later, with a bag full of fresh, local food, we were headed out.
We found a great little hidden treasure lunch place "da crack."  It was a three man mexican food stand operation.

The afternoon we spent at the pool, until it was time for our first Hawaiian luau.
We dined at a beachfront buffett and hung out with another couple who had traveled from the north shore (1 hr 45 mins) for this luau.  Luckily we just had to walk out of our hotel room and we were there.  The luau featured traditional music, customs, costumes, and dancing.  Drew's favorite were the war dances.

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