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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ship us the dogs 'cause we are staying

One day in and we are already debating not going back to the lower 48.  Drew can teach Crossfit here and after my morning yoga class facing the open ocean, I think I have found my next career too.
Yesterday I watched the sunrise as the roosters crowed for us to "rise and shine."  We decided on an *early morning walk to Starbucks; two blocks away, through  a garden of tropical flowers.  (Can you see why we want to move here already?)  While waiting for our yoga class, I quickly realized why Hawaiian license plates have rainbows.

We spent the day lazing between the beach
and the pool 

We barely made it though dinner at a cute local pizza joint (Brick oven pizza ) because we were so tired... we clearly have not adjusted to the time change yet and dinner felt like it was every bit of the 2 am east coast time that it was.


  1. It looks so beautiful! Please come back though...We are far enough apart as it is!

    1. Lol. We *are too far apart. It is gorgeous here. Family friendly too. You guys would love it :)